Tired of Feel Good Spirituality That Doesn’t Address The Un/Sexy Side of Awakening?

 Have YOU Been “Struck” By Lightning?

Are You Confused About What’s Happening to Your Body, Spirit and Mind?

You’re Not Alone.

People now more than ever are waking up to realities beyond what we’ve been taught to perceive as normal.

And there is no place to turn when experiencing such a life orienting (and often shattering!) shift.

With a lack of community, shared understanding, and resources, this awakened energy often turns into fear, confusion, isolation and even trauma.

 That’s Why We’re Making When Lightning Strikes!


Because each time we would share our stories, we met others who had also faced the challenges of finding themselves in a new reality without the resources, understanding and support to help them along their path. Most were downright confused.  And many, like me (Kate), were traumatized.

So we set forth to find answers. To seek out right information. To find context and resources. And let you know that you’re not alone.

If you’re ready to no longer fear your experience– and plunge beyond the superficial teachings that lack clarity, we invite you to join us in our movement.

Our mission is to bring to light the ups and downs of these upgrades in consciousness/energy and to connect you with community and resources to help you make this shift as easy as possible.

Because while it’s not always pretty, and can be downright debilitating for some,  with the right information and support, transformation is inevitable.

kundalini trauma


“The topic of kundalini awakening affects way more people than you can imagine, many with no connection to spirituality, nor a person or group that could help them understand a sometimes overwhelming experience. With a film like “When Lightening Strikes” I believe there is a real opportunity to help people cope with and enliven this awakening. The film holds in it the potential for healing and evolution while educating. I’m sure that Kate and Katrina will bring an authentic and artistic voice through their film.
Adam Schomer

Producer i2i Productions, HEAL, THE ROAD TO DHARMA, The HIGHEST PASS

What You’ll Get


Interviews with Top Experts about their awakening challenges.


Grounded, psychologically based information that works.


An archive or varied experiences to relate to and understand you’re not alone. 

Tools to to help you integrate and experience wholeness.


A community that understands that “awakening” is not a commodity, but a dynamic experience that affects us each in unique ways.

Clarity around types of awakenings such as kundalini, non-dual, partial and deflected risings.


Kate & Katrina Filming

Our Story

Kate West, a filmmaker in the midst of her own rapid fire kundalini awakening/nightmare and, Katrina Michelle, NYC therapist and ever-curious seeker, have hit the road in search of answers.

Two girls touched by spirit in very different ways come together to embrace and integrate their own  journeys while seeking to educate and evolve the modern concept of what it means to be awake.

Featuring  interviews with leading edge psychologists, doctors, New Age thinkers, healers, shamans, gurus, and even a priest, Kate and Katrina find the answers they’re looking for, but come to know that real healing comes through their friendship and the compassionate community that forms around them on their open hearted adventures in Spirit  and all it’s forms.

What They’re Saying

Rarely does a film come along that has the potential to shift the way our society thinks about consciousness. When Lightning Strikes can do for awakening experiences what What The Bleep did for opening our minds around manifesting our destiny. Kate and Katrina are perfect guides on this journey.

Betsy Chasse

Producer, What the BLEEP Do We Know?