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All over the world people are waking up to realities beyond what they’ve always known. These are real experiences. Some are blissful...many can at first be terrifying.

Our western culture has given us a skewed conception of what it means to be awake. Real spirituality is not about identifying with a religion, nor is it about wearing the right yoga clothes and signing your emails with love and light. In fact, you don’t need to be spiritual at all to have an awakening experience. Psychology researchers call this spiritual emergence. It is a natural part of the human developmental process. However, because many people don’t know what is happening to them at the time, the experience can be painful and confusing. 

People often experience physical as well as psychological symptoms-- some that last for years. For many the experience is gradual and beautiful. For others it can be sudden- as if they are struck by lightning. 

Our Western models of understanding the world do not have a space for this. We are out to change that. Through this inquiry we highlight the many varied ways awakenings can look, and help to define an experience that is not reserved for yogis and holy people. This film will demonstrate awakenings as something everyone can relate to so that when lightning strikes, you understand what is happening and you know what to do.

We're Hitting the Road - Our Story

Join Kate and Katrina, best friends united in their sisterhood and their eternal quest for answers, as they hit the road. Kate, a filmmaker in the midst of her own rapid fire kundalini awakening/nightmare. And, Katrina, NYC therapist and ever-curious seeker and student whose mission it is to shift the cultural landscape on how we understand spiritual experiences since her inaugural unitive experience on the streets of Manhattan.

Two girls touched by spirit in very different ways come together to embrace and integrate their own spiritual journeys while seeking to educate and evolve the modern concept of what it means to be awake. Echoing the classic road trip movie, this documentary features expert interviews with leading edge psychologists, doctors, New Age thinkers, healers, shamans, gurus, and even a priest.

Having breakdowns and breakthroughs on the road, sometimes finding answers and other times falling flat, Kate and Katrina find the answers they’re looking for, but come to know that real healing comes through their friendship and the compassionate community that forms around them on their open hearted adventures in love (God) and all it’s forms.